Lisbon PT, 1992

Filipe Baptista is an artist and creator whose work encompasses performance art, sound, experimental music, software and installation art.
He started his artisic career as a performer and dancer, while simultaneously studying Computer Science at the Lisbon University Institute, from which he graduated with an MSc in Multimedia, in 2015.
This hybrid relationship between the expression of the physical body and the polymorphism of digital media, held the hints for the rest of his path, developing interest in different artistic and technicial fields.

While still working as a performer in a dance company, he started to design and develop short virtual interactive pieces in the format of videogames and installation art. Feeling the sonic rhytms and textures that propelled him to move and inspired his own universe, he also started to experiment with music production and sound design, embracing a multidisplinary approach to his own artistic creation.
From then on, he started his own investigation, creating several transdisciplinary pieces, such as ‘Zenith x Nadir’, ‘A.T.M.A.’, ‘VESSEL’,  and ‘Remnant’, with the latest resulting on the release of his first EP under the local label/collective ZABRA.
During the years he has also colaborated with several artists and companies, either as a musician/sound artist, programmer, visual artist or performer.
In parallel to this independent artist career, he also coinciles a career as a videogame designer and developer.

His research and work often express themes such as memory, liminality, multi-matter access and the modulation of counsciousness, infusing several techniques of sonic sculpting, spatial design and data polimorphism.

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