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An audiovisual project composed of a series of thirteen video art pieces. In each video we see a body-landscape, materialized by the figure of a performer. The movement of the bodies and the words that echo from them, along with the audiovisual landscape, served as the raw material to paint this series of short poetic film experiments.
The project was first distributed online and later in the format of a video art exibhition designed for gallery spaces.

concept, direction, video editing, sound design | Filipe Baptista
performers | André de Campos, Beatriz Dias, Érica Rodrigues, Filipe Baptista, Hugo Olim, Mariana Guarda, Mário Coelho, Nádia Yracema, Pedro Baptista, Rita Rocha Silva, Sara Baptista, Teresa Vilhena Moreira, Teresa Santos


In ‘NADIR’ we glimpse a body stranded in a space of ruin, adrift between small awakenings and small deaths. The performer is set to a state of altered consciousness before each performance, through ancient techniques of consciousness modulation. As the audience activates the performance space, it starts a profound dive into the liminal states of the body and its relationship with the habitat, evoking more primal and instinctive instincts.
The performative space is set up with several triggers that allow the performer to evoke sounds and modulate the soundscape as he touches and interacts with the surrounding materials and objects, encapsulating a techo-animist vision.

concept, direction, performance, sound design, scenography, video | Filipe Baptista
light design | André de Campos
costume design | Joana Leal

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