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The A.T.M.A. project started after the removal of a heart monitoring device which the artist had implanted in his body for 7 years, while being the subject of a medical case study. 
Through the recollection of medical exams and artifacts from this study period, along with techniques of body auscultation and sound processing, the project went through several manifestations across different mediums.

[Software] v0.1+
‘Access Terminal for Memory Archives’ (A.T.M.A.) debuted in 2021, as a web-based console terminal which the user could interact with in order to explore the files contained in the system. These files could be accessed via command prompting. Their content refered to medical exams, writings, photos taken by the artist during this period, audio recordings of intra-toraxic movement, etc. These files either reflected empirical data from the artist’s condition or writings and essays on physical resonance, mirco and macro matter access and thoughts centered on both flesh and spirit.

[Live Performance] v0.7
As the software piece was expanding, a performance-concert was presented, in which the audience is immersed in a sonic space which was constructed from the real-time auscultation of the heart and contact microphones attached to the body.
Diving into a world of processed sounds and acoustic relationships, the space is engulfed in a soundscape which is simultaneously intimate and brutal.
This version was presented at Anozero: Bienal de Artes de Coimbra, Rua das Gaivotas 6 and Casa do Capitão (Portugal).

[Video-Installation] v0.9
In this manifestation of the project, a video-art installation was presented at Ágora Festival (Castelo de Leiria, Portugal), which centered itself on a 6 minute video loop projected on a vertical screen. Here we can see the performer’s process of using a stethoscope-microphone and contact microphones to capture several sounds, which are the raw material for the sound composition which is echoing in the space.

direction, performance, sound design, video, software | Filipe Baptista
light design | André de Campos
artistic residencies | Rua das Gaivotas6, ZABRA
supported by | Rua das Gaivotas 6, SelfMistake, SillySeason, ZABRA

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