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‘Remnant’ is a piece which centers itself on a music record (an EP) and expands to a live format of performance/concert/installation.


This project started with the production of the music record, which expresses the crystallization of various natural elements through the use of several technological forms, human and non-human, reflecting processes associated with memory and transmutation.
It started with several field-recordings and footage made during the year of 2023 that were later recollected, computed and arranged, resulting in a sonic journey where memory, sensation, information and desire coalesce.
Computation of memory, absorption of information, fabrication of actions and liberation of energy. These processes reflect both on the systemic nature of all living beings and the interchange of information between them and the habitat.
This ends up echoing the result of the album, where spirit and the flesh, organic and inorganic systems, the empirical and the ethereal, are all faces of the same one universe.
This is the first EP by Filipe Baptista released under a label (ZABRA) and was launched in digital format and in a limited edition green vinyl disc (12” 45rpm).

ZABRA’s words on the record release:

“In late 2023, American artist André 3000 surprised the world with "New Blue Sun," leading fans to venture beyond his accustomed stylistic music. The opening track emerges as a fresh start, embodying a new, adaptable meaning, emphasizing determination and a focus on change while never rejecting his identity; titled "I swear, i really wanted to make a 'rap' album but this is literally the way the wind blew me this time," it's impactful, akin to avant-garde film credits, unafraid of experimentation, unknown horizons, and, above all, unafraid of itself. Fast forward to 2024, similar shifts are noted across the Atlantic, here in Portugal "REMNANT" by Filipe Baptista stands as a unique work, a self-dissection of its essence and digital anatomy intertwined with surrounding nature. Without rejecting the programming legacies, it transforms into a new concept, perhaps without a definitive explanation but deeply alive in a piece guided by the singular act of transformation”

The visuals for the project followed the same techincal and conceptual operations as the sound, evoking crystalized memories and digital artifacts of the places the artist visited while making the record. The videos that acompany the music were made through the recollection and transfiguration of 3D scans and video footage made by the artist himself, which live in a coded network.

writing and production | Filipe Baptista
mastering | André Teixeira
cover artwork | João Pedro Fonseca
released by ZABRA


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Listen to the album on:

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In this concert/performance/installation format the audience is invited to experience the piece 'Remnant', by Filipe Baptista, in a more immersive and intimate way.
In this space lies an architected device that is expressed by following some of the keywords and concepts that are also in the basis of the sound universe of the piece: Apprehension, Reframing, Anamorphosis, Camouflage and Administration.
It is following this matrix of gestures that the natural materials, here crystallized by digital technology, express the similar emotional journey that the artist printed in this work, allowing us, besides listening, to see the elements and records that made up the journey of creation of this album.

concept, performance, music, programming, scenography, video | Filipe Baptista
light design |João Pedro Fonseca
support | Lugar Paralelo, Softrock, Zabra

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