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“VESSEL” presents a hybrid device between the organic and the machine. The performers, as well as the spectators, are translated into data, transformed and returned to the room in a new configuration.
This space is centered on a living machine that, through microphones, infrared sensors and the computer, processes the present matter.
Here the echo and trail of bodies that pass by are manifested, conjuring a liminal zone. Entering this space is like accessing an interstitial and transitory space, the epicenter of a “spiritual circle”, where physical and immaterial transferences take place, possibly bringing us closer to a place of transcendence - to what is "beyond" the threshold.
This creation manifests a glance at the significance of accessing a sacred space without competitive dualities, where both the technological apparatus and the spectators are essential participants in a network that reflects on transference, encounter and transformation.

Sound, light and human bodies are all inter-connected agents, dialoguing in a transmutative circle.

The human bodies present in space are scanned in real-time by cameras with infrared sensors.
This process generates a data set, which represents the 3D positions of each body.This bio-data is consumed by the computer, which redirects it to different systems responsible both for generating the visuals and modulating the sound space.
The visuals generated and projected in space are either a digital spectre of the captured bodies, or a computational abstraction of the captured data, acompanied by the light performance which dialogues with the human bodies and the sonic output.

The sound of the piece is generated in real-time.
There are several types of microphones and signal conductors scattered in space, which capture different sounds. These sounds are processed, mixed and modulated in real-time, through a dialogue between a human performer and semi-autonomous computational algorithms.
The spatial movement of the bodies also influences the movement of the sound, as this is ultimately modulated by the bio-data captured by the cameras.
Thus, the entire sound space is an echo resulting from a transmutation of sounds that operate in the physical reality that is presented.

Each visiting body is turned into a vector for generating matter - a member of this network that composes in real-time.
The body is instantly brought online - connected to this living machine and to the other bodies,

This project arises from the desire to amplify physical presences in space and to listen to and visualize their trails.
These trails being manifested by an apparatus that exists as a living organism (created with technology and signified by the flesh). At the core of the project is also this thought about accessing sacred spaces (exterior and interior to us) and how sound and visual technology can be used to enable processes of transfer and expansion of physical matter.

direction | Filipe Baptista
activation agents | audience members, Ana Silva, Beatriz Almeida, Teresa Manjua
sound design | Filipe Baptista
light design | João Pedro Fonseca
digital programming and architecture | Filipe Baptista
creation assistance | Carincur, Pedro Baptista
co-production | YEP, a partnership between Rua das Gaivotas 6/Teatro Praga  and O Espaço do Tempo
co-production residency | O Espaço do Tempo
residencies | Binaural/Nodar, Pro.Dança, Rua das Gaivotas6
supported by | DGArtes – Direção-Geral das Artes, SelfMistake, ZABRA, Rua das Gaivotas 6/Teatro Praga

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